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Trading Services

Trading across borders is a complex activity. Trade practices, regulations and levels of risk vary across markets worldwide. This makes it essential for companies engaged in cross border transactions to have a banking partner who can provide them with detailed information on the most recent local and international regulations as well as exceptional processing capabilities.

We are committed to offering the products and services that add value to business operations. Our Trade advisors have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the United States and International markets and can provide you with the advice that you need to safely engage in your international trade transactions.

Our international trade operational processes are characterised by the service excellence that has become our standard and you can be assured that all your transactions will be processed quickly and efficiently. Our International Trade Unit provides the following products and services to our customers.

Trade products and services

  • Reduced cost of business transacting
  • Financial advisory services
  • Annual business seminars
  • Free Business intelligence report.
  • Have greater control over cash flow and finances.
  • Identify areas where profit can be maximized.
  • Make short and long term plans.
  • Grow sales and earn higher revenues.
  • Make additional cost savings.